I have about 8 years of freelance professional photography experience mainly focused on fashion, beauty and commercial work, but I am also doing photography as a hobby since 2005 and love shooting Travel, Landscapes, Street Photography, Great Art and Fashion, High End Fashion like Alexander McQueen, High Street Fashion, Swimwear, Interesting Models, Great Architecture and Interior Design, Luxury Locations, Healthy Lifestyle and Workouts, Adventure type of Photography and Videos. I am now in the Photography Lighting Online Course with Celebrity, Fashion and Beauty photographer Matthew Jordan Smith. It is online ongoing training, I learned a lot since the end of March 2017, when I joined and I love it. I am also interested in video and would love to create and direct short fashion films in the future. However, it is not that easy as you can imagine. Moreover, I have about 8 years of post-production and retouching experience using Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, Photo Mechanic and other great programs. Also about 3 years of video editing experience using Adobe Premiere. And I love InDesign particularly for designing Small Books, Photo Portfolio Books and Inspirational Mood Boards like those ones:
In the link above I will share also that I am able to create extensions in Photoshop. You can check examples out in the ‘Extensions’ folder.
I am a perfectionist with special attention towards details, and I go after pure, clean, simple, and minimalistic style.
I can work also as an Advertiser, Brand Strategist, Fashion Consultant, Social Media Growth & Influencer Relations,  Email Marketer, Content Writer, Blog and WordPress Website Developer, Photographer, Retoucher, Photo and Video Editor, or roles similar to those I mentioned above.