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Currently working on an awesome new photo project. Deadline: 30 Sep 2018!
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The project is about really empowering people with how they see themselves. Empowering people to think about possibilities. Where they can go in their lives. We look at ourselves in the mirror and we think about what we see. And that image creates these feelings that we all have. But what about the feeling of possibilities? That is what this project is about.

Three Categories of images

1. Basic Images

The basic image is just a person in front of a mirror. That can be powerful. The way you shoot that image can be very basic where nothing is done, they are just holding the mirror. Just basic image looking at that mirror. But we can push the image that is in the mirror further. We can push the expression further. So they are not just looking at themselves at the mirror, they are going through a series of emotions. So you give a subject:

Okay, show me what it looks like to be fearful.

Show me what it looks like to be happy.

Show me what it looks like to feel love.

Go through all of these emotions and get these images.

So either do a basic image or do a basic image with emotion.

Basic image handholding a mirror is also great.

Do any emotion you feel, but make it impactful.

If it is a simple image, make it simple, simple Background.

And then in the mirror what brings that image to live is the emotion. Pull out some emotions. Take your subject through a series of movies, make them laugh, make them cry, be static. Go through all of these different emotions and show us that, because in those simple images, when you add the emotion to it, it changes a lot.

2. The Creative Images

For those who want to push the boundaries on being creative, this is the time to start. This is the time to get those thoughts out of your mind. It is time to shoot your ideas.

The creative section can be anything that you feel is creative.

3. The Inspirational Images

So what is inspirational? You probably see images in your mind and we can shoot something to inspire people?

All images should fall in one of these 3 categories.

I believe this project is inspirational. But we need all of these images together to really make it a tight, powerful project.

Can inspiration be dark? Absolutely! Inspiration can be anything that you feel is inspirational.

It is totally up to you. 

What feels inspirational to you?

What feels creative to you?

What is basic to you?

To see basic images in a book project or even in a gallery, it would become a little bit boring. We don’t want that. Imagine a double page spread.

You make them curious enough to pick them up.

Go to a bookstore in your area and walk and see the photo books, and just stay there for 5-10minutes and just look at photo books. Imagine people look through our book. Turning the pages. Feeling something. We are going to have an amazing project.

Some of you guys are even showed me images that others have done and we are now keenly aware of seeing a mirror in a picture. Now it is time for you to shoot. To get past the idea of like what has been done? And do your own version, your own vision, your own spin. What can you do to make your picture special, powerful, impactful? You can shoot in B&W. You can shoot in Color. As a matter of fact, you can make it controversial. Jennifer asked, Can inspiration be dark? Absolutely! It can be anything you want it to be. The book should have as many different visions as possible. Some can be dark, some can be controversial, it is totally up to you. Have fun with this. 

We have the reality of looking in the mirror every day right? But then there is the fantasy part. We’ve talked recently about The Wizard of Oz. In that movie for those who remember that movie, the movie starts out in B&W, it is dark, the sky is dark from the very beginning of the movie. It is shot in B&W, you can tell the storm is coming or something is coming. You can feel it, just by seeing the images. And even the music kind of gives it away as well, but then there is a point where everything changes and the movie goes into Color. Color is surreal. This book should have that up and down. A great story has this up and down. The valiant, this thing that you’ve got to get over in the story. The climax of the book as well. It takes you up and down with the emotions. This book should do the same thing. It can’t be just the same monotone feeling throughout the book. It has to has these peaks and valleys and take people on a journey. And that is going to happen naturally, because it is all of us together making images. I guarantee you, it is going to be bigger than you can imagine.

How is that cover image stand out with the thousands of other magazines? 

What makes somebody picks a magazine? What makes one picture stand out? 

Be Creative!

Go beyond just the basic. What can you do that it is different? Ask yourself that and then try to shoot. Whether it works or not, try it, just try it.

I want to hear your ideas. Some of you have sent me sketches of your ideas and I love seeing that. Feel free to send me sketches as well. Let me know what you are doing, what your thoughts are. When you see the sketch, when you make the sketch, it helps you envision how you are going to shoot this. It helps you envision your angle, you’ve been shooting standing up, you’ve been shooting low, shooting high. Where will you be? What is the perspective? What is on the background? It helps you visually in your mind work through all of those problems. So feel free just to sketch something out. Sketch your thoughts first and then put it into a real photo shoot.

For Photo Inspirations, Visuals and checking the project Idea out in Bulgarian Language, please check the Photos and the Word Documents in the first folder of the following link: