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За Български Клиенти:
Минималната цена за Фото Проекти започва от 1000лв.
Ако имате нужда от човек за видео, аз мога да препоръчам колега.
Неговата минималната цена за Видео Проекти започва от 750лв.

For International Clients:
The minimal price for Photo Projects starts at 2000 EUR. And the pricing may 
vary and could go up depending of the costs and your individual needs. 
The airplane tickets and accommodation expenses are covered by the client. 
If you inquire an actual estimation, please contact our studio.

Other Services: 
- Creating a High End Online Store for your individual needs. 
- Help you advertise and sell your products and services using Facebook, 
Instagram, Other Social Media Platforms, Google Adwords, Blogs, etc.

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