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Thank you for your email! I check my email at 9:00 PM EET. And If it is an emergency, please phone the number bellow, otherwise I'll get back to you when I am available.
Phone Number: 00359899967943
Email: plamenpanchevphotography [at]

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I am also the founder of "Fashion Photography Inspirations" blogs and groups, where I collect and publish interesting fashion photographs and short videos:

The best way to get a hold of me is to email me through my website, because I very rarely check the messages on my social media platforms. I use social media just to post photos, inspirational quotes or links to articles and videos. So if you have a burning question and you want to get in touch with me, 
I am still about 1-2 weeks out with questions. When you send a short and sweet email, you are going to wait probably 1-2 weeks. I answer them in the order that they are received. Obviously, I have to focus on my paying clients first, because they are paying. Nothing personal, just business. ;-)