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"Being a great model is being vulnerable. And in a selfie situation, you are not vulnerable at all."
-Kyle Hagler - President of Next Model Management
If you are an aspiring model, most of the prestigious model agencies are interested in new models that meet these criteria. I also work as Model Scout for different agencies all over the globe, so I can connect you with agencies and hopefully they are going to help you find jobs if they really like you and you are accepted by them.
Models can be beautiful, special, strange or even appear „ugly“ to most of the people but having something unique in their faces like wide standing apart eyes, big ears, bold eyebrows, etc.
Girls: bare min. 172cm tall but most agencies accept and prefer min. 175cm and max. 183cm tall,
thin body
Boys: bare min. 183cm tall but most agencies accept min. 185cm and max. 192cm tall, thin body or trained
(Of course, there are always some exceptions, especially if the boy or girl has a great face and good attitude.)
Regarding Age, it is best between 14 – 21 years old for girls or 15 – 23 years old for boys, then it is getting harder as the model gets older to be hired by a model agency.
It is best if you are between 14 and 21 years old for strict agencies in Europe. For China and Asia, they are pretty much looking for models up to 23 years old that look young and cute. Of course, there are some exceptions if the model has a pretty unique look and/or very beautiful then height and age matter less. 
Preferable waist up to 63cm, your hips up to 90cm and if you are over you can look for agencies that represent Plus Size/Curvy Models.
To help you evaluate if you qualify for that kind of career or guide you and help you build your own career as a model, please send us your current Polaroid photos? Which means photos were taken on natural light, but not direct sunlight, more likely a light when you see on cloudy days. Or alternatively not direct sunlight from a window. Regarding the makeup on the face, please without makeup or with minimal/clean/simple/natural makeup. Make sure you are wearing something form fitting. Any tight clothing that can show your body proportions are great. The photos might not be professional photos, they can be simple snapshot photos taken even with your phone camera. Please send us several shots such as the full-length, 3/4, close-up and profile photos like those you'll see on the sample image below. Thank you and good luck in your endeavors!

Credits for the example photos above are kindly provided from the Elite Model Management's website.
There is a useful video provided by IMG Models, to get an idea of what they are looking for when they are hiring new faces. As a side note, you probably know that they are considered as the number 1 model in the world. In addition to that, we want you to share your current measurements as well as to get to know you a little bit better. For that reason, please download and answer the questionnaire form in the following link:
I plan to create a great eBook on that topic: "How to become a better model!" 
Now looking for fashion models to participate in these projects.
Also looking for model agencies interested in helping me create awesome video training for models.
The question you might be asking is why should you care that I know what I am doing? Trust me, I have studied the best photographers, models, creative team, etc. for more than six years,
I am also an active fashion photographer and I help models to become better at modeling, and connect them with agents who are going to find them more jobs.
If you are an aspiring model and want to improve, please send me an email or check the free inspirational videos below ⬇
And I don't want to forget that donations are very welcomed and highly appreciated! Thanks! :-)